Lake At Risk

Everything Must Go Somewhere!

Mirror Lake receives the “stuff” from a lot of human and animal activity.

The urban nature of much of the watershed, the proximity of roads and buildings to the lake, and the steepness of the natural grade dictate that storm run off goes quickly and forcefully into Mirror Lake.

Automobile related pollutants such as oil, gasoline and coolants are clear threats to water quality.   And it’s not just cars that can put debris on our sidewalks and streets.  Anything that can float will flush to our lake.

Winter road salt and sand create an enormous problem for Mirror Lake. (Recently installed catch basins and filters will help greatly). The salt flushes quickly into the lake. The sand creates alluvial fans of siltation at the outlets of storm drains.

The bacteria and parasites associated with animal wastes from pets and ducks can create water quality problems particularly for swimmers.

Even gardening activities can have a negative impact on water quality if fertilizers and other chemicals are inappropriately applied.