Goals 2016

Our objectives for 2017:

  • Looking forward to 2017
    • We will encourage, motivate and fund further testing of the effects of road salt on Mirror Lake – the most important MLWA project in the coming year.
    • Continue to search and destroy Purple Loosestrife plants around Mirror Lake and Mill pond
    • Keep a watchful eye out for Milfoil in Mirror Lake and in Mill Pond
    • Maintain the informational kiosk in Jewtraw Park to raise awareness of the impacts on our lake.
    • Monitor the storm drain filters that will capture sediment, oil, and impurities that are in runoff. The outflow from these Vortechs units will be monitored.
    • Continue the ongoing effort to keep Mirror Lake free of garbage.
    • Encourage informational articles in the Lake Placid News to increase awareness. Please check out our web site for reports and articles.
    • Maintain a functional and educational web site regarding Mirror Lake and the Chubb River