Road Salt

Road salt is beginning to be recognized as the acid rain of our times. At the recent Mirror Lake Water Quality Workshop, Dan Kelting from the Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI) discussed the regional salinization of Adirondack waters from road salt. A few highlights are below:

  • 192,700 tons of road salt are applied in the Adirondack Park each year.
  • 6,937,200 tons have been applied since 1980. This is about six times the total load of sulfate and nitrate from acid deposition.
  • Median chloride concentrations for lakes with roads in their watersheds are 14x higher than lakes without roads.
  • Stream monitoring conducted by AWI and AsRA shows evidence of regional groundwater pollution.
  • The Ausable River watershed has the second highest chloride load out of all major watersheds in the park.

It is critical that the public be informed about how road salt is impacting our environment. Please take 20-minutes to watch Dan’s talk.

Click the address below to read the pdf news paper article on “Road Salt”

Road Salt, March/April 2016, page 25

Salt in Mirror Lake